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Checking in!

I have been quite the busy little bee lately! Once I had posted my work on my personal FB page, many of my friends started to request items. I have been extremely overwhelmed with projects! I was able to complete and send my Christmas orders on time. Some were commissioned items and others were gifts to family and friends. I was excited and had all those warm fuzzy feelings that you get when you create something for the special people in your life ☺ I was also glad that the Christmas rush was over and I had high hopes that I would be able to relax and allow my creative mind to flow.
Well that lasted only for a hot second! A friend contacted me and wanted to see some designs for spring….uuummm….well …I do not have any! Woe is me!! I had started to design my first knitted projects (hats and wrist warmers) & in the process of finding testers in order to publish my final drafts. Now they just sit there staring at me. I walk by and I look at them, they look at me. It’s an awkward moment…
I will do my best to check in more often and share any updates and new information as I stumble upon it.
I shall leave you with the knowledge of a new crochet pattern that will be posted to the patterns page real soon!