An ideal and perfect place where everyone crochet’s in harmony


Anyone can crochet! From toddlers all the way to men…..yes even men can learn too! There is an array of available hooks, yarns, stitches, patterns, and ideas. WOW, UGH, GRRR, PUHHH, YIKES, HOLY RATS, and AYE are only a few words that can cross your mind for a hot second!
Once a person realizes there is more to crocheting than just sitting in a rocking chair with a hook and a ball of yarn they will see what a wonderful craft it is. They might even be upset because it took them this long to get into crocheting. In any case I would advise that you at least give it a try. At least you will accomplish two things: first is finding out if you like it or not and second is you will learn something new.

Those who do not have someone to guide and support them through the craft may have a harder time getting through it. Yes I meant support. It is hard to accomplish anything without motivation, perseverance, encouragement, research, knowledge, and most importantly the proper tools.

One should ask these simple questions before trying to start on something new: Where do I start? How do I start? What hook should I use? What yarn can I start with? Who do I ask if I get stuck?


Let’s explore the possibilities.

You can start with a piece of paper, writing utensil, and ideas. Write everything that comes to mind.

For example: goals, references (internet, self-help books, someone you know), daily allotted time (schedule), ideas, allowance (budget), and yes even your possible cheerleaders. Then, you organize your chaos. Finally, you are able to venture in the euphoric world of crocheting!